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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tri For Fun Aug. 21, 2010 - Am I Really Doing This?!

Alright folks, I guess it's official and I'm really doing this. We've got a great group of girls interested, and started sending out motivational emails and talking about training schedules yesterday, so that makes it feel pretty real and official. I'm pretty sure there must be something wrong with all of us for doing this voluntarily, but at least if I'm completely nutzo, I'll be in good company!

The event:\

This will be the 3rd Tri For Fun in a 3 part series, taking place Sat. 8/21. It entails:

400 yd swim (or 356 meters)
11 mile bike ride (about 18km)
3.1 mile run (or 5k yikes!)

I plan to officially start training for this next week, calling this week my "pre-training" week as I've gotten in some nice swims and yoga sessions and plan to get in some good workouts this weekend.

Mon. 6/21

Swim: Aerobic w/ kick

100 warm up


3x100s kick

Total = 2k

75 min. Ashtanga yoga in the evening

Yoga was flipping INSANE. I was dripping huge beads of sweat off my forehead, my tank was 100% soaked, shoulders glistening, arms quivering, shins splashing with sweat pooling on my mat. I'm pretty sure I sweat-ed out like 3lbs and must have gotten out ever ounce of toxins in my body, and I loved every minute of it!

Tues. 6/22 Nothing. Waa waa.

Wed. 6/23

Swim: Threshold w/ non-freestyle (“swim”)

8x100s pull on +15, +10, +5, 0

3x100s stroke, swim in 50s on +40

8x200s stroke, swim in 50s grouped into 200 on +20, then 200 on +1 min

Total = 1.9k

75 min. Yin yoga in the evening

Thurs. 6/24 Nothing, but I did get 10 hrs of sleep, which I'm pretty sure counts for something ;-)

Fri. 6/25/10


300 warm up

6x50s on +5

8x50s swim, stroke

6x100s on +10, 20 seconds of vertical kicking on the wall before each 100

4x100s on -5

100 cool down

Total = 2.1k

On the agenda for the weekend:

Fri. evening 60 min Eclectic yoga

Sat. AM swim from 6-7:30, followed by 75 min. butt-kicking yoga, & 7PM Full Moon hike up Mission Peak!

Sun. My first run!! Lake Elizabeth 9-10AM followed by an hr of Vinyasa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog after doing some googling on the Lycée in Nantes where you worked... I'm going to be an English language assistant there this year and I would really appreciate anything you could tell me about it! From what I've read it seems like you had a great time so I'm very excited to be going there. Hoping that you are well.

6:53 AM  
Blogger hpbarros said...

Hi, I'm moving to Nantes and I saw your post about Ashtanga yoga... Would you mind telling me where do you practice it? I've been looking for this kind of yoga (like you said, the one where you are really tired in the end) and it doesn't seem to be very popular in France.
thank you!

2:16 AM  
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